VSC Womens 1st Div. has new Champions

After two seasons VSC Womens 1st Div. has new a new match up in the championship! Yesterday night Barsa (seed # 4) took on the the #2 seed Galaxy opening with the 1st goal of the Match. Barsa held strong leading the game for 60% of the time. Galaxy with only one sub and faster rotation took over the game the last ten minutes finalizing the score at 6-4.
Galaxy winning a Free Entry to the following VSC Womens League and a chance to customize their own set of Uniforms! Congratulations to both teams on their first women’s 1st div. final appearance.

Special Recognition:

Opposing team players of the match for outstanding performance go to: Emily Micheals (Galaxy) and Paola Servin (Barsa)

Referee player of the match: Emily Micheals (Galaxy)

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